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Pop Up Shop- Guest Vendors

Darn it...We Just Can't Do it All!

We've tried to do it all...but unfortunately we have learned that it just isn't possible! We loved our customers and absolutely loved helping them find the perfect personalized gift. With the growth of both our online presence/wholesale business AND our retail shop at the same time we were at a fork in the road forced to pick which direction would be best for us to continue to expand in so we could provide the best possible products to our customers.

We have decided to close Alphabet Garden's retail shop and focus solely on our online presence for our personalized wall decals but we of course welcome you to contact us for any of your wall decal needs!

So what does that mean for Alphabet Garden's adorable downtown shop?

We are located on the historic red brick street of Orondo in Wenatchee. Directly next to Wenatchee's most favorite restaurant McGlinns, voted yearly by locals as their most favorite place to eat. McGlinns addition of the outdoor parklet with it's picturesque ambiance while you eat attracts a high number of customers to our Alphabet Garden's store windows. Being next door to McGlinns and up the street a few blocks from Pybus Market we experience a large amount of traffic coming into the store, customers that are looking to shop! 

So we put our heads together and decided to come up with a solution!

Pop Up Shops! 

What is a Pop Up Shop? 

Pop Up shops are becoming more and more popular across all major cities in the U.S. and Canada. They are fabulous! They are short term spurts where in a business will rent a designated space with in a store front and temporarily "pop up" their own products and exhibit their products. A win-win for everyone, benefiting customers consistently new fresh products and blessing the vendors with the opportunity to use a high trafficked storefront without the large business costs of utilities, signing any long term leases or all the other expenses that accompany running a long term storefront. Launching a pop-up shop is 80% cheaper than a traditional retail store.

Details about renting a Pop Up's at Alphabet Garden

  • Our Pop Up Shop rentals are reserved and rented by the week (a 4 day week) or by the full month at a discount.
  • Pop Up Shop days are for 4 days during the week Thursday-Saturday (single days not available). Wednesday is available for set up.
  • Pop Up Hours are set by the vendors.  
  • The total Pop Up Store Space is 450 sq ft or (4) 10 x 10's.
  • There are two rental options:                                                                                  
  • Half the shop space at approx. 225 sq ft or (2) 10 x 10 spots. $125
  • Entire shop space at approx. 450 sq ft or (4) 10 x 10 spots     $250 
  • A refundable security damage deposit of $150 is required and will be returned after property inspection and return of the key.
  • One key will be provided for the sole guest vendor renter on the agreement contract. 
  • We will post on Alphabet Gardens Facebook Page, and Website Calendar the dates that vendors will be appearing as a Pop Up at our shop. All other marketing and advertising will be the responsibility of the vendor. 
  • Tables, armoires, bookshelf's are included. 
  • There will be a small rental fee for the use of any fixtures, mannequins, display stands. etc. 
  • Pop Up Shop vendors are responsible to accommodate their own point of sale system. 
  • If you would like to reserve your week in advance we are happy to do so but we require a 25% deposit down in order to hold the week. The deposit will go towards your week rental. However, if you choose to cancel your week within 10 days of your rental time the deposit will not be returned as it will not give us enough time to find a new renter and your reservation blocked other potential renters from renting, unless you are able to find your own substitute renter. 

Why is renting a Pop Up Shop at Alphabet Garden so Darn Special?

  • Traffic, traffic, traffic! Being next door to  McGlinns Restaurant which was voted the valleys most favorite restaurant for years, dozen and dozens of people gather daily in front of our shop windows and will even try to come in even when it is empty just hoping there is something fun for them to shop for! 
  • NO Competition, NONE...nada! : Unlike other places you may explore to exhibit your products you unfortunately won't be the only seller that customers are looking at to spend their money. With just a stone throw away all fighting for the same customers you are, your potential customers start to spread even thinner when they have so many other sellers fighting for their attention. After awhile, customers walking through exhibitions or fairs start to feel objectified and down right tired of being attacked by all the aggressive sellers every 10 feet they walk. So how is Alphabet Garden Pop Ups Shops different?  Other retail shops are more than a block away and still don't drum up the restaurant traffic we do. Also there is a big difference with shoppers that intentionally come into a shop with a purpose to see YOUR products verses trying to be one fish in pond of many at an exhibition or fair, hoping they stop by. 
  • Getting Your Name Out There: One of the biggest challenges with starting a new business is letting people know what you sell and how to find you! Even today with so much marketing is done through Facebook customers need to be sold first on the product before they can truly get pumped up about it and become hooked. There is no better way than first hand being able to feeling the textures, seeing live the amazingness of it, or experiencing in real life the the vibrant colors or sizes. These experiences if done well,  will make a customer for life. Once they have that real tactical experience from your Pop Up Shop you can then decide where to direct them in the future. Whether it be brand awareness to your website, FB or Instagram page. Gaining a new loyal follower and customer is priceless and again you won't have to fight the masses to be seen. They will be coming to see you! You can talk one on one about who you are and what you do with potential customers without worrying your pitch will be forgotten and your marketing materials thrown into a bag of 100's of others only to never be seen again. 
  • Only the Best Stage for Your Products Alphabet Garden owners Camilla and Jenn both were born in raised outside of the U.S., (Sweden & Canada) and used that background to influence the decor style that is Alphabet Garden. Inspired by the French Provincial downtown boutiques of Vancouver, British Columbia and the sophisticated vintage English Gardens of Europe, they wanted the feel of the shop to be warm, inviting and feel like you were stepping into an old English shop. We welcome new customers in the shop with the ring of an old shop bell. Surrounded by gorgeous white detailed armoires, wrought iron tables, distressed desks and tables, and old world trunks all welcome to use to help make your products look amazing! 
  • Maximize Your Experience: If you are accepted to become a vendor for our Pop Up Shop's you are welcome to share your space and split up the space with your friends. Please note, each vendor must submit a separate product list application for approval before they are accepted.

How do I Apply to become an Pop Up Shop?

  • We are looking for local artisans, home crafters, direct sales consultants, food manufacturers for the Alphabet Garden Pop Up Shop space. 
  • We do not accept non physical products businesses.  
  • Any food vendors must have a food handlers license and prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen.
  • To be considered as a potential pop up shop for Alphabet Garden please fill out an application. Each vendor or potential shared space vendor under your application must be listed on the application. 
  • We will notify you by email if you have been approved with a link to reserve your preferred week.  


Weeks will fill up quickly so please register to reserve your preferred week.

**Please note guest vendors will be screened and registering does not guarantee your Pop Up space. 


(Furniture and Fixtures Can Be Re-arranged to Suit Your Needs)


Have you already submitted an application and ready to snag your Spot? 

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