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Do you have any questions? Let us see if we can answer them!

Here you get answers to most common questions. If you don't see your question or our answers don't make sense :) feel free to contact us by email at

I can't find my "how to apply"?

Don't worry, you can view it here by clicking the "How To Apply Form" below!  If you need any more help just contact us or watch our video on our "How to Apply" page. For designs over 22" we recommend a second set of hands to help you apply your design.


What is a Vinyl Wall Decal?
Our products are made from lead-free non toxic vinyl. Composed of very thin, flexible matte finish vinyl allows the material to mold to the wall better than clings or other wall decal materials which will create a professional hand painted look onto the wall. All materials are manufactured in the United States.

Our wall décor decals are meant primarily for walls and surfaces that will not allow little ones to reach. Although they are not toxic, please make sure your little children can’t reach as they may be a choking hazard if put into their mouths.

Are Vinyl Decals reusable or re-positionable?
No, our vinyl wall designs are meant for a one time application only.  However, they look great on boards, mirrors, and surfaces that can be moved around if you are unsure about putting it on the wall. Some of our wall decal designs like the polka dots are re-positionable on the wall, however the more intricate the design the less you are able to move it around or the vinyl will rip or become ruined. 

How are the wall decals removed and does it harm the wall?
Our specialty vinyl is meant for indoor applications and should not harm your wall.  Our vinyl wall decals are perfect for renters, students because when you are ready to go or need a change, it simply peels off. Our specialty vinyl has a low tack adhesive that is safe for surfaces. When you are ready to remove, run a hair blower lightly over your wall decal before removing it, it will help release the adhesive better. If there is a residue, try using isopropyl alcohol or other residue removers that are safe for walls. Make sure to follow manufacturer's recommendation to avoid damage to wall. In very rare instances paint may peel off with the adhesive. Our chalkboard and glossy vinyl may remove the paint. Since the vinyl is removable, make sure your little angels won't be able to reach! 

What types of surfaces can I put a vinyl wall design on?
Our vinyl designs can be applied to smooth, dust free, clean surfaces. Our vinyl is very thin and is meant to mold and follow the grooves of the wall.  (Although, every wall is different) However, sandy type paint surfaces may not give the vinyl any place to grab on to.  Our vinyl can be used on many surfaces; walls, windows, mirrors, tile, ceramic, smooth wallpaper, wood and metal, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.  If you are unsure of your surface we would be happy to send you a sample to try out first. Most paints and textured surfaces are compatible with our vinyl. However with fabric, sandy or heavily textured walls and some paints it may not stick.  Our vinyl decals can be placed outside as well and can withstand temperatures ranging from -20°F and +150°F.  It will not stick to rough or uneven surfaces like cinder block, brick or stucco.

Vinyl Decals may not stick to painted surfaces that have “Teflon”, “silicone” or similar additives to make them “wash and wear“. These paints have been designed for things not to stick to them to make them easy to clean. Paints marketed as Zero VOC or VOC Free including but not limited to the following paints;  Yolo Colorhouse, Sherwin Williams paints including GreenGuard Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex, Harmony, Pro Industrial Zero VOC Waterborne Catalyzed Epoxy, Behr Premium Plus Zero VOC, Benjamin Moore’s Natura® paint, and Glidden Spred®. Pro Industrial Zero VOC Acrylic Coating, and ProMAR 200 & 400 Interior Latex paint.

 We suggest asking for a sample if you are not sure by emailing us with your address and sample in the subject line.

How long will my Wall Design stick for?
As long as you want it to! The sun will fade your paint over time so when you remove your design there may be a faint ghost line from the lettering.

I just painted my wall, can I put my wall decal right up?
No, make sure you wait at least 3 weeks to one month after painting your wall to hang your wall design.  To test, try rubbing a piece of masking tape onto the newly painted wall, and if it doesn't remove any paint you are ready to go! (Make sure you try in an inconspicuous area!)
How important is it to clean the surface before I start?
VERY! If there is dirt, oil or any residue on the surface the vinyl will not adhere correctly and it will make it harder for it to stay on the wall. After the design is up, to clean your wall use a soft damp cloth but make sure not to use cleaners  containing alcohol or abrasives. Wait 24 hours after cleaning the walls before applying the design.

There is a small part of my wall lettering that won’t stick, what should I do?
Sometimes for reasons unexplained, a small part of your design may be stubborn and my not want to stick. Use a glue stick or wallpaper paste to reattach it. First test in an inconspicuous place before applying it to your wall. Please contact us if you need a sample of vinyl. 

Does Vinyl Decals work in the bathroom?
Yes! On the wall that is...if you install it right on the bathtub or shower it will not stay for long, unless you request to use outdoor use vinyl. For the bathroom wall, our vinyl is intended to withstand high heat temperatures.
Can I pick a different font or color from the pre-designed ones online?
Yes! We can custom create your design to your specifications. You will need to pick the proof option when you are ordering. We will then contact you and you can make changes at this time. 

I have an idea, how do I bring it to life?
Tell us everything what you are thinking about your design concept and we will do our best to make it happen! A $25 design fee will apply.  The design fee does not include the actual decal. 

I only have a certain area I can fit my design into, how can I make sure it will fit?
No problem! Some of our products do not list the width as it is dependent on your name used for the design. If you are worried about the length of the design please contact us to find the width size with your custom name choice.

How can I determine how long my lettering will be?
If you order a pre-designed lettering from our site it will have sizing for the width and height of the whole quote unless the width is determined by the name. When you order a custom quote we can contact you with the width after you have chosen the height of your lettering.

How do I get it on straight?
To achieve a straight alignment, make sure you align the arrows provided of the quote or decal and not the white paper around it. Secure to the wall with masking tape and make sure it is where you would like it to go before applying. Measure from all sides and always measure twice!

The vinyl won't stick to my surface, now what?

Here are the most common reasons why the decal may not stick and what you can do to fix it.

  1. The surface was recently painted and hasn’t cured long enough. - Give a newly painted room approximately a month to cure.
  1. The surface was painted with low or no VOC paint, which is designed to repel dirt (it will also try to repel our adhesive decals). This is the most common reason. After applying it on the wall give the design some time (overnight is great) before removing the top layer (the masking tape), this will allow time to create a full bond.
  1. The wall was washed with water and not dried completely. Let the wall to dry 24 hours after cleaning.
  1. The wall is heavily textured and has a grainy, sandy feel. Apply to a different surface that is not textured.
  1. Your decal or the surface may be too cold, hot or humid. Be sure to allow the decal to warm up to room before applying.

How long can I store my wall decal?
If you store your wall design too long before applying it loses its ability to stick and may not adhere well. We suggest applying your wall decal shortly after purchasing for best results.  If you must store it for a short time (make sure no longer than a year) make sure it is in a dry, clean area at temperature below 100 degrees and leave it in the box it came in.

How long will it take to get my proof and order?
Proofs are emailed to the provided email within 2 business days. Most orders are shipped from our warehouse within 3-5 business days from time of order received, or once proof approval has been made. 
We are happy to expedite your order if needed please contact us for prices.

Can I track my order?
Yes! If you choose UPS or USPS as your shipping method, you will receive an email with your tracking number allowing you to track your order. For orders being shipped out of the United States, the best options at this time are UPS (for Canada) and USPS Priority or Express Mail for other countries.  

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! UPS and USPS both go international, you can check the rates on our site. First Class USPS is not trackable or insured. We are not responsible for any applicable custom duties, brokerage or bond fees, VAT delays; nor are we responsible for lost or damaged items caused in shipping. 

My order was damaged from shipping when I received it, what do I do?
Unfortunately we have little control how your product is handled during shipping and in some instances may be damaged. If you receive a damaged item please contact us at Replacement of damaged items will only be given for items packaged in the original packaging. We will need specific details and photos of the damage prior to sending a replacement.

Please note: The customer is responsible for all freight charges if the delivery is returned, refused or canceled during processing.